What size is my tweeter

What size is my tweeter???

This is, unfortunately, a very confusing topic.  When ordering speaker pods we have a couple options of tweeter size, and our options refer directly to the physical size of the speaker; Outside diameter.  We then have some standard cutout sizes that are associated with those outside diameters, based on the average of cutouts across multiple manufacturers of the same size speaker.

Speaker manufacturers are the ones confusing us, and it needs to stop!  They will call their 3.5″ super tweeter a 1″ tweeter, and their small 2″ tweeter a 1″ tweeter.  Why?  Because the 1″ is the size of the voice coil.  It makes sense because the voice coil is the most important part of the speaker, without it there would be no sound.

So, when ordering pods, please refer to the speaker documentation and select the correct speaker pod size for the Outside diameter of the speaker and pay attention to the cutout sizes that we offer.  Keep in mind that we can cut the holes any size.



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