How are speaker pods affordable?

Some people question whether or not our products are affordable. 

“They are made of plastic!”

   Yes, our pods are made from plastic, this is the main factor that keeps our prices down.  The material we use is the same material Legos are made from; ABS plastic.  It is strong, durable, fade resistant, heat resistant AND affordable.

“I can make them myself for WAY cheaper.”

   I do not discourage anyone from making their own pods.  Making pods is a great way to get deep into car stereo, and the feeling of accomplishment received from doing it yourself  is as good as it gets.  You can create what you want; your own speaker combination, speaker location, depth, designs, color, etc.  BUT…  Fiberglass IS cheap, if you do it all of the time. 

   If you want to build your own pods you will need, at a minimum:  Wood, saws, router, drill, sandpaper, glue, screws, fiberglass resin, stretchy cloth, fiberglass cloth, brushes, stapler, staples, roller, bondo, spreaders, more sandpaper, mask, gloves, tape, paint, more sandpaper, paint.  Then you will need time.  Time to disassemble the door panel, layout the speakers, cut the rings, cut the standoffs, mount the rings and standoffs, stretch cloth, mix resin, apply resin, mix resin apply resin, apply fiberglass, sand, apply fiberglass, sand, apply bondo, sand, bondo, sand, bondo, sand, paint, sand, bondo, paint, sand, paint.  Then, do it again on the other door.  This is why the pros charge around $1000 per door. 

   We have done all of the hard work for you.  As long as you have a drill, screwdriver, wrench and a way to cut your door panel (Dremel is recommended), most pods can be installed in a couple hours… per door.  Not to mention, our pods are made to fit your door perfectly and can be painted to match your interior or style.

“They are probably mass produced in China, why are they so expensive!?!?”

  All of our products are made in South Carolina and have been since 2007, and will continue to be made in the USA.  Could we have them made overseas and reduce our prices?  No.  We won’t.

  We utilize high-tech equipment to design and manufacture the pods.  This ensures a great product and an amazing fit.  It takes months of research and development to create a new design, and we do this for YOU.

  We hope that you like our pods, and have a better understanding of the value that our products provide.  As always, we are working hard at trying to make pods for as many vehicles as we can.  And we appreciate all of the support we have received from the Car Audio community.





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