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Components of the Wiring Kit

THE WIRING KIT.  A collection of products with the sole purpose of making your installation as easy as possible.  What is inside?

1. Wire

Included in the kit is the key ingredient of any stereo installation project.  Bringing all the pieces together is a generous length of DS18 Ultra flex.  This fresh off the spool 16 gauge pair is flavored in black and red.

2. Pigtails

The first part of the kit that will aid in the ease of installation.  Use a pair of these on each door to make your door panel more plug and play.  Wire up your speakers as per our wiring diagrams and finish off with a male pigtail.  Replace the factory speaker plug in your door or add the female end to your newly run wiring.  Hang your door and plug it in!

3. Heat shrink Solder Connectors

“One giant leap for mankind.”  If you have never used these before you are in for a treat.  These heat shrink connectors have low temperature melt solder BUILT IN!!!  Seal, solder and seal all in one shot.  Use a heat gun, or find that lighter your friend ‘borrowed’ and create a solid wiring joint that no crimp connector can compare with.

4. Crimp Connectors.. Female Spade

Speaking of crimp connectors…  Sometimes they are necessary as certain speakers do not come equipped with spring loaded wire connections.  We have included enough to get any job done.  Please pay attention as we have included two different sizes; a big one and a small one.  The small ones are for some of the 3.5″ midranges and some tweeters (you will know when you need to use them).



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