Terms and Conditions

       1.     Product Description

a.     Speaker pods are made from durable ABS plastic.

b.     Prices are for the pair.

c.     Speakers are not included with your purchase of speaker pods but can be added to your order at an additional cost.

        2.     Installation

a.     Custom Speaker Pods, LLC is not to be held responsible for any damage done to any of the following: speakers, door panels, any interior component (door, wiring, carpet, seats, etc), personal injury.

b.     Installation is the responsibility of the buyer and or reseller/installer.

c.     Door panels must be drilled and cut for installation.

       3.     Shipping and Delivery

a.     All orders are shipped free via UPS ground.  Free shipping is limited to the Continental US.

b.     Alternate shipping methods can be used if requested by customer.  Additional costs associated with an alternate shipping method will be covered by the customer.

d.     We secure all our packages with a tamper proof tape.

                          i.     If the package appears to be tampered with, the buyer has two options:

1.     The buyer has the right to refuse delivery

2.     The buyer has the right to check the contents to make sure they have received all their items prior to accepting the delivery. 

a.     Keep in mind, if the buyer chooses this option, the buyer, not Custom Speaker Pods, LLC, will be responsible for any missing items.

e.     Most orders will ship out in 2-3 business days

       4.     Return Policy

a.     Please refer to our Returns, Refunds & Exchanges Policy.

       5.     Warranty

a.     All our products come with a 1-year warranty.  Some speakers come with a 2-year warranty, you will have to check the speaker
manufacturers policy

b.     We stand behind our products.  All speaker pods listed here are proudly made in the USA. 

       6.     For warranty exclusions, please review our Warranty Exclusions Page for further details

       7.     If you have any issues with your products, please contact us at info@customspeakerpods.com

       8.     Usage

       9.     The products sold on this website have not been tested by any form of legal, government or law facility.  Please be aware of local laws etc. when installing these products.  Custom Speaker Pods, LLC will not be held responsible for any law-breaking activity of the buyer, reseller or installer.  The customer, reseller, or installer assumes all risks involving all laws pertaining to the vehicle and/or location the products are installed/used.

      10.  Some products may obstruct view while driving.  We recommend that these products be removed while the vehicle is in motion. 

      11.  Payment Methods

       12.  All orders are to be placed online through the website to keep all information secure, correct, and accurate.

a.     We currently accept the following payment methods:

                            i.     Credit/Debit Cards

                            ii.     PayPal

       13.  Dealer/Installer Inquiries

a.     Fill out the Dealer/Installer Application located on our Dealer/Installer Home Page (Link is located at the bottom of this page)

Issue 1.3     10/04/2022

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