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Do I need an Amp

“Do I need an amplifier when installing multiple speakers on a door?”

Before I answer this, let me start off by saying a couple things to pre-calm the bass-heads and professional installers.  

  1. This discussion is to help beginners who want to get started in car stereo.
  2. This discussion will focus on a budget build that can be done easily.
  3. Not everyone needs an ear bleeding, child floating, break the windshield system.
  4. You don’t need to apply 100 watts to a 100 watt speaker for it to play.
  5. Most factory stereos can output enough power to drive new aftermarket speakers.

No, you don’t need an amp as long as you follow a couple basic guidelines and have a general, basic understanding of car stereo.

Most factory car stereos put out a great signal with decent power.  The reason that most factory stereos sound like doo-doo is due to the speakers used.  A simple aftermarket speaker replacement alone will greatly improve the clarity of any system.

So why add speaker pods??  Why Not!  Speaker pods provide a great way to change the look of your interior, as well as bringing the speakers closer to the listener and avoiding any sound distortion caused by the door panel and factory speaker grilles.  Speaker pods are also pretty easy to install and allow you to put larger speakers than you could otherwise fit in the factory location.

Adding dual speakers on a single channel of a factory system can be done as long as the impedance is kept at or above the factory speaker.  There are a couple ways to check the ohm rating of the factory speaker: 1. remove the door panel, remove the speaker and look at the back of the speaker, 2. Search the web for this information (crutchfield may have the information you need, there website is great for this… and other things).  If your factory speaker is 8-ohms, great!  You can wire your dual 4-ohm speakers in series to get up to 8-ohms and go about your day.  You could wire your dual 4-ohm speakers in parallel to 2-ohm, but this could lead to premature stereo failure for the gain of a couple measly decibels.



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