My Speakers Do Not Fit

“I received my speaker pods today, and the speakers don’t fit!”   We really hope that this doesn’t happen, but lets talk about it.

There is no standard hole size for a given speaker size.  We have determined the best case dimensions for each speaker size based on an average of dimensions from multiple speaker brands, and this cutout dimension is listed on the product information.  Sometimes the hole is too small for YOUR speaker.  A hole too small is much better than than a hole too big, as it is much easier to make a small hole bigger.

To avoid this, you can let us know what speaker you are installing in the pods, or, let us know the cutout that you need by leaving information on the order form (if it is not on the order form we may miss it).

If you already received your order, and realized that the hole is too small there is a fix that will get you up and running.  The best and easiest solution is to trace a line around the opening to the size you need, then using a rotary tool and a sanding drum, slowly open the hole up.  If you don’t have a rotary tool, you can use a file, sandpaper or any other grinding device at your disposal.

Hopefully, someday, all speaker manufacturers will get together and create a standardized dimension set for speaker installation.  Until then, we can only work with what we have.



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