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Introduction to Speaker Kits

Custom speaker pods speaker installation kit from sundown audio dd audio and ds18

Speaker Kits by Custom Speaker Pods make car stereo installation even easier by helping you select the correct speakers for your installation.  We have partnered up with Sundown Audio, DS18 and DD Audio to bring you the best speaker combinations possible for your vehicle.  Taking it even further, we have created a wiring kit that includes all of the components you will need to hook up your speakers in the easiest way possible, as well as keeping your stereo equipment safe.

Why buy speakers from Custom Speaker Pods?

We offer multiple benefits by providing speakers in combination with our pods:

  1. We will cut the speaker openings the correct size for the speakers. No more sloppy fits, or grinding out the openings.  All speakers have different hole size requirements (that is why we have always cut the holes on the small side, to allow for opening the hole up if required).  By knowing what speaker is going to be installed, we can make sure that the speakers you order will fit into the pod perfectly, saving you time.
  2. We will ship all your products together. No more waiting on shipments from multiple sources.
  3. We include hardware to mount your pods and speakers. No more guessing at what screws are required, or looking for hardware to match the pods.  The screws that are used to install the pods are the same as the screws to mount the speakers, matched for a clean look.
  4. Our wiring kit takes more of the guess work out of installation, saving you from digging in that box of wire in the back of the garage, or looking for the right connectors. Everything that you need is included.
  5. The wiring kit also includes quick disconnect pigtails that create a single connection point between the speakers in your door to the speaker connection in the door. One more step closer to plug and play.
  6. We have also created wiring diagrams that display our recommended way of connecting the speaker kits. This teaching aid will save you from having to search out the best way to hook up these more complicated speaker systems.
  7. By combining our in-house manufactured products we are able to provide you with discounts that most cannot offer: percentage off of pods, free wiring kit, free hardware and more…

Our team aims to be the best automotive stereo supplier available, and we look forward to hearing from you.



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