How are speaker pods affordable?

Some people question whether or not our products are affordable.  “They are made of plastic!”    Yes, our pods are made from plastic, this is the main factor that keeps our prices down.  The material we use is the same material Legos are made from; ABS plastic.  It is strong, durable, fade resistant, heat resistant […]

What size is my tweeter

What size is my tweeter??? This is, unfortunately, a very confusing topic.  When ordering speaker pods we have a couple options of tweeter size, and our options refer directly to the physical size of the speaker; Outside diameter.  We then have some standard cutout sizes that are associated with those outside diameters, based on the […]

Do I need an Amp

“Do I need an amplifier when installing multiple speakers on a door?” Before I answer this, let me start off by saying a couple things to pre-calm the bass-heads and professional installers.   This discussion is to help beginners who want to get started in car stereo. This discussion will focus on a budget build that […]

Custom Speaker Pods