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Discover Sky High Car Audio Power Wire Performance

Prepare to transform your sound experience with the best power wire in the business! Sky High Car Audio OFC 4-Gauge Power Wire!  This OFC 4-Gauge wire is specifically designed to meet high power requirements and delivers unparalleled quality to your vehicle’s audio system, standing unrivaled in its field.

Unmatched Quality and Affordability

Our Sky High Car Audio Power Wire boasts the finest materials: oxygen-free copper (OFC) and premium-grade PVC. The OFC copper used is devoid of impurities commonly found in other wires.  The superior PVC ensures an unblemished outer jacket that eliminates the risk of any power wire shorts. This power wire, expertly manufactured, handles installation rigors, and exhibits superior resistance to vibrations. For more thrilling products, visit our Instagram page.

Seamless Installation

Our Sky High Car Audio Power Wire, a true 4-gauge wire, ensures hassle-free installation with its low friction outer jacket and ultra-flexible inner copper core. The outer PVC jacket provides a smooth, low friction surface that avoids installation snags. The superior flexibility of the wire comes from its unique inner copper core. This consists of smaller, finer copper strands, setting it apart from its competitors.

Installation Tips

Remember, the performance of the wire is only as good as it’s connection. We recommend using the appropriate wire ferrules and wire lugs to establish an optimal connection with the battery, frame, distribution block, or fuse block. Find these wire ferrules and cable lugs under Install Accessories on the Custom Speaker Pods website. Combining this Sky High Car Audio Power Wire with our speakers, speaker kits, amplifiers, and Custom Speaker Pods will result in a robust, high-quality, high-fidelity audio system.

Enhanced Performance

No matter where this wire is used in your build, you can be assured that our OFC 4-gauge power wire will enhance the performance. Embrace the Sky High Car Audio Power Wire to bring peak performance to your audio setup.

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