2 OHM 25W Aluminum Housing Chassis Mount Wirewound Power Resistor Pack (RS25)

SKU: RS0001


Product Description:

The 2 OHM 25W Aluminum Housing Chassis Mount Wirewound Power Resistor Pack includes two resistors.  These resistors are high-quality electronic components designed to handle a wide range of power applications. With a resistance of 2 OHMs and a power rating of 25W, these resistors are ideal for use in speaker installations where ohm drop is a concern.

These resistors are essential in protecting your head unit prior to installing a powered amplifier.  If your speaker setup is connected directly to your head unit, the ohm draw from several of our speaker setups could potentially cause harm to your head unit.  Stay safe and protect your head unit with this resistor pack.

A resistor pack is ideal for a Phase One installation.  A Phase One installation is an installation where you are connecting your new speaker pod speaker setup to your existing factory wiring connected to your existing head unit.  For most of these speaker setups, a resistor is called for in the CSP wiring diagram.  Please refer to your CSP speaker wiring diagram to see if a resistor pack is necessary for your particular wire harness.

Once you upgrade to a Phase 2 setup, the resistors are no longer necessary and can be removed from the wire harnesses.  A Phase 2 installation is an installation where you have upgraded to an amplifier.  In a Phase 2 setup, your speakers are now connected directly to an amplifier.  In a Phase Two setup, the resistors can be removed from each of the wire harness and the leftover wires can then be hardwired together with a simple butt splices.

These resistors features a rugged aluminum housing that is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, including high temperatures and mechanical stresses. The chassis mount design allows for easy installation on a variety of surfaces, making it a versatile option for a range of applications.

The wirewound construction of these resistors provides excellent stability and accuracy, ensuring reliable performance over time. Additionally, these resistors are designed to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently, which helps to prolong their lifespan and prevent damage to other components in the circuit.

Overall, the 2 OHM 25W Aluminum Housing Chassis Mount Wirewound Power Resistors are a reliable and durable component that is well-suited for use in demanding applications where performance and reliability are essential.

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