Custom Speaker Pods Exclusive 12awg 2-Pin Waterproof Plug, Male and Female

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About this item

  • Custom Speaker Pods Exclusive.  You will not find another plug that meets these specifications.  This plug was specifically designed with the rigors of car audio in mind.
  • The inside of the door panel is a nasty environment, don’t take any chances with a subpar connection.
  • Designed to be compatible with up to 12-awg Speaker Wire.
  • Pigtails are Manufactured with a High Grade-High Strand OFC Speaker Wire.
  • Specification:2-Pin Male & Female Waterproof Connectors.
  • Easy to Use: Easy to install with our simple Waterproof Self Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Not Included
  • Wide Range of Application: Use for car, truck, boat, motorcycle, and other wire connections.
  • Package includes: Two Male Connectors with 12-awg Preassembled Pigtails and Two Female Connectors with 12-AWG Preassembled Pigtails.

Make Your Life Easier

  • Build out your door panel in a warm garage or a cool garage depending on the season.
  • Connectorize your speakers with the male end of these connectors.
  • Connectorize your wire coming from your amplifier with the female end of these connectors.
  • Once you have completed the work on your door panel in the comfort of your garage, kitchen, workshop, or living room bring it out to your car and just plug it in.  A plug-and-play if you will.
  • Need to take off your door panel to change out some speakers or tweeters, no problem, just unplug it and bring the door panel back into your work area.

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