8.0-Inch Honey Comb Thump Covers: Universal Speaker Grille by Custom Speaker Pods



Choose Your Pod Finish
Black, White, Carbon Fiber, Stainless and More!

All speaker pods and grilles are sold as a pair (driver and passenger side).  Quantity 1 is all you need.


Best in Sound Protection

Elevate your car audio game with our 8.0-Inch Honey Comb Thump Covers. These aren’t just another set of pretty Speaker Grille Covers; they’re a protective, almost impenetrable shield for your speakers.

Maximum Durability Meets Style

Made from superior ABS plastic, these 8.0-Inch Honey Comb Thump Covers offer a mix of strength, heat resistance, and flexibility. For a look at our design aesthetics and durability look no further than our Thump Covers Home Page.

One Size Fits Most

Sporting a Honey Comb design, these covers fit any 6.5-inch speaker. However, always check your speaker dimensions for the perfect fit. This universal approach makes integration into your car’s interior seamless using Thump Covers by Custom Speaker Pods.

Installation Made Simple

Each Thump Cover includes mounting slots. These slots offer better fitment options than traditional speaker grilles.

Customize Your Way

What sets our Products apart?  WHEN WE SAY “CUSTOM,” WE MEAN IT!  Take 7 different Thump Cover designs, combine that with at least 3 different speaker pod designs for each vehicle, then add in over 7 different finishes for both the thump covers and speaker pods, and then sprinkle in the many different speaker brands that we carry and you will be hard pressed to find someone with the same audio system as yourself.   Combine the 8.0-Inch Honey Comb Thump Covers with any of our our Custom Speaker Pods and Speaker Kits and you will be the envy of all your friends.

Compatibility and Size

Designed to fit most 8.0-inch speakers, these grille covers are pre-drilled and easy to install.

  • Outside Diameter: 8.250-inch (209.550mm)
  • Pre-Drilled Slotted Mounting Diameters:
    • Smallest: 7.3125-inch (185.740mm)
    • Largest:   7.875-inch (162.000mm)
  • Height: 0.625-inch (16.500mm)

So why wait? Make your speakers both look good and last longer today!


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