Pair of 8″ PRV Audio Midrange Speaker, 500w (8MR500-4 BULLET)




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PRV Audio 8MR500-4 BULLET 8″ Mid Range Bullet Loudspeakers

The PRV Audio 8MR500-4 BULLET 8″ Mid Range Bullet Loudspeakers deliver superior sound quality for a thrilling audio experience. These top-tier speakers are designed to produce outstanding mid-range frequency reproduction, making your music rich, detailed, and truly immersive.

The built-in Aluminum Phase Plug (Bullet) enhances the speaker’s efficiency and overall sound quality by mitigating phase cancellation. This feature boosts the speaker’s power handling capabilities, ensuring crystal clear sound, even at high volumes. With a resilient and lightweight cone, these speakers guarantee excellent sound reproduction across a broad frequency range.

Integration with Custom Speaker Pods:

The PRV Audio 8MR500-4 BULLET speakers are designed with compatibility in mind for seamless integration with our custom speaker pods. Our pods are engineered from high-strength ABS plastic, providing a sturdy, durable housing for these premium speakers.

The size and design of the PRV Audio 8MR500-4 speakers perfectly match our custom speaker pods, allowing for easy installation onto your vehicle’s existing door panels. This perfect alignment promotes enhanced sound dispersion, ensuring balanced and dynamic audio throughout your vehicle.

The installation of our speaker pods is simple and convenient, requiring only basic hand tools and eliminating the need for fiberglass, Bondo, or excessive elbow grease. This makes it easy for anyone to upgrade their car audio system to a professional-grade setup.

In summary, the PRV Audio 8MR500-4 BULLET 8″ Mid Range Bullet Loudspeakers, when combined with our custom speaker pods, create an unrivaled audio experience. Indulge in the deep, powerful sound these speakers offer and elevate every journey with a compelling, immersive soundtrack.


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Manufacturer Part Number
4 Ohm
RMS Power Handling
250 Watts
Max Power Handling
500 Watts
95 dB
Min. Frequency
95 Hz
Max. Frequency
20000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter
1.500 in.
Trim Diameter
8.270 in.
Mounting Depth
3.190 in.
Magnet Material
Cone Material
Surround Material
Pair or Each

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