PAIR DS18 PRO-TWX1: High-Power Tweeters (PRO-TWX1)



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Revolutionize Your Sound with DS18 PRO-TWX1 Super Bullet Tweeters

Dive into a world of sound with the DS18 PRO-TWX1 Super Bullet Tweeters. Specifically designed for audio enthusiasts, these professional-grade tweeters significantly upgrade your car audio. Not only do they deliver loud and accurate sound, but they also transform your in-car listening into an extraordinary experience.

Superior Audio Performance

These tweeters, in particular, handle a whopping 240W peak power effortlessly. Owing to their broad frequency response, ranging from 3.5KHz to 20KHz, they are finely tuned to reproduce bright, crisp high frequencies. As a result, with the DS18 PRO-TWX1, every beat, note, and nuance comes through with remarkable clarity, regardless of the volume.

Unique Design and Durability

Included in the set is a unique Bullet dust cover. This striking feature not only protects the voice coil, but it also ensures durability and longevity. Plus, the bullet design is not merely for aesthetics, it enhances sound delivery over long distances with exceptional clarity.

Powerful Voice Coil

Equipped with a 1-inch Titanium 4-Ohms voice coil, these tweeters never fail to impress. This robust component, having a rating of 60 watts AES, 120 watts program, and 240 peak power ratings, guarantees reliable and consistent delivery of phenomenal sound.

Additional Features

Beyond impressive sound, an integrated capacitor filter adds an extra layer of protection. It effectively shields the tweeter from harmful frequencies that could lead to damage. Additionally, the tweeters are designed for easy repair with drop-in voice coil kits, making maintenance a breeze.

Unrivaled Sound Quality

Boasting a high sensitivity of 103dB, these super bullet tweeters deliver extremely loud high-range frequencies without compromising sound quality. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for audiophiles craving for loud, clear, and pristine highs.

Seamless Integration

Paired with DS18 Midrange Speakers and custom speaker pods, the DS18 PRO-TWX1 Super Bullet Tweeters create a comprehensive sound system. Thanks to their compact design and 1.57-inch mounting depth, these tweeters allow for quick and straightforward installation in a variety of vehicles.  Please browse our selection of speakers pods to find your vehicle.

The Ultimate Audio Solution

In conclusion, the DS18 PRO-TWX1 Super Bullet Tweeters offer more than just sound – they offer a dynamic, powerful audio solution. They are capable of elevating your car’s sound system, bringing your favorite music to life in an unparalleled way.  Take a look at our Instagram to see our customers sweet rides.

RMS Wattage

120 Watts

Max Wattage

240 Watts


103 dB

Low Frequency Range

3500 Hz

High Frequency Range

20000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



DS18 provides consumers with a 2-year limited warranty on any item purchased directly from DS18's official site or any approved DS18 shop for the original purchaser. DS18's 2 Year Limited Warranty protects against flaws in the initial production of their purchased good(s).


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