PAIR 6.5″ DS18 Mid-Range Loudspeaker with Bullet 600 Watts 4-Ohm (PRO-ZXI6.4BM)



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Introduction: A Sonic Evolution

Begin a journey of incredible auditory sensation with the PRO-ZXI Bullet Loudspeaker. Specifically crafted for the discerning audio enthusiasts.   Design for those seeking unparalleled volumes in addition to exceptional sound quality. From the very first beat, this standout unit promises to leave a lasting impression.

A Showcase of Power and Precision

Step into the sphere of heightened audio experience with this robust, 4-ohm, 6.5″ powerhouse. Armed with a jaw-dropping 300 watts RMS and an earth-shattering 600 watts MAX power!  The PRO-ZXI6.4BM Loudspeaker ensures that those screaming loud mid and high range frequencies maintain their acute clarity. Furthermore, you’re guaranteed an audio experience that will not only immerse you but hold you captive to every beat and rhythm.

Stylish Design, Perfectly Complimenting Your Car’s Aesthetics

More than just a tool for audio delivery, the PRO-ZXI6.4BM is a piece of art, adding to your car’s aesthetic allure. It presents an elegant black basket face, further highlighted by a powerful black bullet dust cap. This combination exudes a sophisticated charm.  This Loudspeaker not only becomes an accessory to the elegance of your car’s interior but in addition, it gives you that sound you have always been looking for.

A Universe of Versatile Applications

The utility of this remarkable Loudspeaker doesn’t stop at enhancing your car audio. Its potential expands to enrich pro audio systems, motorcycles, home studios, hi-fi installations, stunt walls, and even your DIY projects. The limit truly is your imagination. To explore more and get inspired by our versatile offerings, do visit our Instagram Page.

Seamless Integration with Custom Speaker Pods

A vital aspect that sets our products apart is the effortless integration. With our specially designed speaker pods, integrating this loudspeaker into your car’s interior is smoother than ever. They provide a fitting home for your PRO-ZXI Bullet Loudspeaker, offering optimal performance and superior aesthetics. To experience this seamless integration firsthand, please visit our vehicle selector. Here, you’ll find how perfectly our products can harmonize with your specific car model.  If you don’t find what you need, please visit our vehicle request page and let us know what you need.

In Summary

In essence, the PRO-ZXI Bullet Loudspeaker is not just a tool but a transformative audio experience. Offering power-packed performance, sleek design, versatile applications, and seamless integration – it ticks all the boxes for the ultimate audio upgrade. So, why wait? Elevate your sound journey today!

Manufacturer Part Number



4 ohms

RMS Wattage

300 Watts

Max Wattage

600 Watts


97 dB

Low Frequency Range

100 Hz

High Frequency Range

10000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Magnet Material


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



DS18 provides consumers with a 2-year limited warranty on any item purchased directly from CSP's official site or shop for the original purchaser.


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