DS18 Full-Range Class D 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifier 200 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms (SXE-3000.4D)

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RMS Watts @ 4ohm
200 Watts
RMS Watts @ 2ohm
320 Watts
Amplifier Class
Class D
Power Wire Input Size
Length (in)
Width (in)
Height (in)
Manufacturer Part Number

DS18’s SXE series of amps was designed for users looking for an extreme increase to the quality of music reproduced by their vehicle. The SXE-3000.4D guarantees your sound system’s speakers perform at their peaks on every use.

The SXE series of amplifier gives users the ability to tailor the audio reproduced by their vehicle to their personal listening preferences through the use of it’s fully variable crossover, adjustable gain input sensitivity, and multi-channel amplifier design: everything you need to take control of your listening experience.

As a Class D amplifier, the SXE series uses power transformers significantly smaller than your average amplifier, making it the perfect size for any vehicle’s custom build: but, what it lacks in size it makes up for in power. The SXE-3000.4D has a power output of 500W x 2 CH bridged at 4-ohms, 320W x 4 CH at 2-ohms, 200W x 4 CH at 4-ohms: perfect power settings to supercharge any custom build.


Compact size for easy installation anywhere
Stable Two or Four Layer Traced PCB Design
Audio Precision Quality Control Verification
Full Adjustable HP/LP @ 12dB/oct Crossover
Various Forms of Electronic Protection


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