Pair of 8.0″ DD Audio Midrange Neo Speaker, 60w-300w (VO-MN8)



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DD Audio VO-MN8 8″ Midrange SpeakersExperience the dynamism and power of the DD Audio VO-MN8 8″ Midrange Speakers, specifically engineered for audiophiles seeking an unparalleled in-car sound experience. These speakers deliver vibrant, accurate sound that brings out the depth and detail in your music.A standout feature of these speakers is the Dual Magnet Neo Motor Design with Shorting Ring. This advanced design reduces coil inductance, allowing the speakers to produce cleaner midrange sounds and smoother frequency responses. Coupled with the Machined Aluminum Front and Rear Motor Heatsinks, these speakers manage heat dissipation efficiently, ensuring durable and stable performance even under continuous high-power operations.Constructed with a Polymer Infused Curvilinear Cone, the VO-MN8 speakers guarantee exceptional sound reproduction. This technology ensures the cone’s rigidity while maintaining lightness, producing a crisp, clear, and robust sound that faithfully reproduces each note of your music.At 60 Watts RMS, these speakers maintain their sound integrity even when playing at high volumes.Their frequency range extends from 100 to 8000 Hz, meaning they are capable of reproducing a wide range of sounds. This broad frequency response ensures the VO-MN8 8″ Midrange Speakers can handle the full richness of your music, from the depth of the lows to the brightness of the mids.The VO-MN8 8″ Midrange Speakers are designed to work in harmony with DD Audio Tweeters, which handle the high-frequency sounds. This synergistic integration results in a balanced sound output that captures the entire spectrum of audio frequencies.With our custom speaker pods, you can conveniently mount the VO-MN8 8″ Midrange Speakers for an optimal listening experience. These pods are designed to fit perfectly in many vehicles, enabling a seamless integration that not only enhances sound quality but also complements the interior aesthetic.In summary, the DD Audio VO-MN8 8″ Midrange Speakers offer a premium sound experience, powered by advanced technology and superior design. Their high sensitivity, power handling, and broad frequency range, combined with the excellent integration with DD Audio Tweeters and our custom speaker pods, make them an outstanding choice for upgrading your in-car audio system.

RMS Wattage

60 Watts

Max Wattage

300 Watts


95.5 dB

Low Frequency Range

100 Hz

High Frequency Range

8000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material

Polymer Infused Paper

Speaker Surround Material



When purchased from an Authorized DD Audio Dealer or DD, DD Audio warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from date of original purchase.


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