Pair of 1″ DD Audio Neo Driven Bullet Tweeter, Titanium Diaphragm, 50W to 100W (VO-B1a)




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DD Audio VO-B1 Bullet Tweeters

Experience a new level of audio clarity with the Digital Designs Audio VO-B1 Bullet Tweeters. This high-performance audio device is specifically designed to cater to audiophiles who value superior sound quality in their vehicle.

The VO-B1 tweeters are equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet, which drives the titanium diaphragm to produce high-frequency sounds that are sharp, detailed, and breathtakingly clear. The titanium diaphragm also ensures longevity, withstanding the test of time and use while maintaining audio fidelity.

Constructed with a sturdy cast aluminum body, these tweeters embody durability and style. The robust casing not only ensures long-term durability but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your car’s interior. The tweeters have a robust power output of 50 Watts RMS, providing an immersive high-volume listening experience without compromising sound quality.

With a high sensitivity rating of 104dB and a comprehensive frequency range of 3500 to 20000 Hz, the VO-B1 tweeters ensure that all high-frequency sounds in your music are reproduced with incredible detail and accuracy. Be it the sharp violin notes in a classical track or the intricate details of electronic music, these tweeters deliver every sound with astonishing clarity.

Pair these tweeters with DD Audio Midrange Speakers for a seamless and well-rounded audio experience. The midrange speakers reproduce the heart of your music with warmth and richness, while the VO-B1 tweeters masterfully handle the high frequencies. This harmonious integration results in a full-bodied and balanced audio output that breathes life into your music.

Our custom speaker pods are designed to perfectly accommodate the VO-B1 Bullet Tweeters, facilitating optimal sound projection and making the installation process a breeze. These speaker pods blend harmoniously with your vehicle’s interior while enhancing the overall audio output.

In summary, the DD Audio VO-B1 Bullet Tweeters, when combined with DD Audio Midrange Speakers and housed in our custom speaker pods, form an unbeatable car audio setup. With their superior audio reproduction, durable construction, and impressive power output, they transform every drive into a sonic journey.


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Manufacturer Part Number
4 Ohm
RMS Power Handling
50 Watts
Max Power Handling
100 Watts
104 dB
Min. Frequency
3500 Hz
Max. Frequency
20000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter
1.000 in.
Trim Diameter
Mounting Depth
1.500 in.
Magnet Material
Cone Material
Surround Material
Pair or Each

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