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Enhance Your Audio Experience with DD Audio VO-BT25 Bullet Tweeters (VO-BT25)




Experience Premium Sound with DD Audio VO-BT25 Bullet Tweeters

Elevate your vehicle’s audio system with DD Audio VO-BT25 Bullet Tweeters. Perfect for those craving clear, powerful, and detailed audio.

Powerful Core Features

The heart of the VO-BT25 lies in a strong ferrite magnet. This magnet drives precise, crystal-clear high-frequency sounds. Paired with a robust titanium diaphragm, the output is rich and resonant. Every audio nuance comes to life.

Sturdy Design and Impressive Output

The tweeters find their home in a sturdy cast aluminum body. This design ensures durability and adds sophistication to your car’s interior. With a power output of 50 Watts RMS, these tweeters deliver sound that’s loud and clear.

Sensitivity and Frequency Range

The VO-BT25 tweeters impress with a sensitivity rating of 108dB and a frequency range from 4000 to 25000 Hz. You won’t miss the finer details in your music, from subtle classical undertones to intricate electronic beats.

Perfect Pair with DD Audio Midrange Speakers

Combined with DD Audio Midrange Speakers, these tweeters create a rich audio landscape. Midrange speakers deliver warm mid-tones, while the VO-BT25 tweeters handle high frequencies with clarity. This combination results in a balanced and robust audio experience.

Custom Speaker Pods for Easy Installation

We’ve designed custom speaker pods to house the VO-BT25 Bullet Tweeters. These pods ensure optimal sound projection and smooth installation. They blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior, enhancing aesthetics and audio performance.

The Ultimate High-Quality Sound System

In conclusion, when paired with DD Audio Midrange Speakers and our custom speaker pods, the DD Audio VO-BT25 Bullet Tweeters are hard to beat. They deliver an audio experience that’s dynamic, rich, and engaging. Transform every drive into a pleasurable journey.  Enhance your vehicle today!


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Manufacturer Part Number
4 Ohm
RMS Power Handling
50 Watts
Max Power Handling
150 Watts
108 dB
Min. Frequency
4000 Hz
Max. Frequency
25000 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter
1.000 in.
Trim Diameter
3.722 in.
Mounting Depth
1.600 in.
Magnet Material
Cone Material
Surround Material
Pair or Each

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