Is YOUR Car Stereo


For most people, the factory stereo will do just fine, but if you want to FEEL your music a serious upgrade is needed.

Why not just replace the factory speakers?

In most cars, you are limited to the size and type of speaker you can install in the factory location.

Smaller size speakers do not produce the low notes that your system is lacking.

Factory replacement type speakers have limited power handling capabilities and will fail to bring you the excitement you need.

My factory stereo is REALLY LOUD

  • This may be true, but what are you hearing? 
    • In most cases, when you turn up the volume to the point where it is ‘loud’ you are only hearing the tweeters, or high-frequency sounds. 
      • This is extremely unpleasant to the human ear and makes you turn the volume down.
      • Very loud, high-pitch music is only good for one guy…

How Loud Does my Stereo Need to Be?

In order to hear your music, your stereo needs to be louder than the noise around you.

  • A slow drive to work: 60-70 dB
  • Highway driving (Windows Closed): 70-80 dB
  • Highway driving (Windows Open): 80-90 dB

Do YOU Want to



For most people a factory stereo will be fine.  Others will be happy with replacing the factory speakers, but…


Custom Speaker Pods is here to help.

Why Custom Speaker Pods?

All Custom Speaker Pods products are designed, prototyped and manufactured in South Carolina.

We are a family run business that values our customers.  We want to make sure you get the most value for your dollar.

We have been designing and making speaker pods since 2007. 

With over 400 different speaker pod designs we are the experts in door mounted speaker enclosures.

We work directly with the equipment manufacturers to ensure our equipment recommendations are in-line with their specifications.



Have the Stereo You DESERVE

You spend too much time in your car to put up with a mediocre sound system.

Make your drive to work a pleasurable experience.

Its a beautiful day, cruise down the highway, open your windows and crank up the volume.  Feel the drums in your chest, hear the cymbals crash, notice the cowbell in the background.

More Sizes, More Combinations, More Choices, MORE POWER

Installing Custom Speaker Pods allows you to install MORE, BIGGER speakers where you couldn’t before. 

True, Pro-Audio speakers that can handle tons of power with clarity and range that you didn’t know was possible in a car stereo.

Speakers and amplifiers designed for concerts and musicians, easily installed in your vehicle.

We Make it EASY

    • Our Speaker Pods are designed to be installed with the tools you probably have.
    • Custom Doors used to be made from a combination of wood plus messy and smelly Fiberglass and Bondo.
    • Making your own custom pods look good requires hours of cutting, fitting, sanding, smoothing, sanding.
    • All of this creates piles of DUST 

Don't know what equipment you need?

  • Speaker and amplifier selection can be overwhelming
    • We only sell equipment from manufacturers that excel at pro-audio.
    • We have selected the best components that work great together.
  • Speaker Combinations designed to Excite.
    • We create our pods to house speaker sizes that combine to fully capture the sound spectrum.

Don't know how to install it?

We provide the Education to help you understand your system

  • How-To Videos
    • Step-by-step instructions to make sure you can do it yourself.
  • Educational content
    • We understand power ratings and frequency responses.  Our technical articles will explain it to you.
  • Wiring Diagrams
    • Installing multiple speakers can be tricky, but we give you all of the maps you need to make it easy.

Save Time

  • We have selected the right equipment and put together everything you need for a seamless installation.
  • Our Pods install in minutes:
    • No waiting on a fab shop to build a custom setup.
    • No waiting on fiberglass to cure.
    • No hours of sanding, filling, sanding.

Save Money

  • Custom built doors can cost over $1000 each
  • Materials to make your own are not free: wood, glue, fiberglass/resin, bondo, paint, sandpaper, etc.

Your Car Stereo Sucks

The speakers that came with your car are terrible… Really.  

“But my car has the ‘PREMIUM’ Bose/Harman Kardon/JBL/Bang & Olufsen system in my vehicle and it sounds amazing!”

No, it doesn’t.  You only think that because you have never heard a professional car stereo. 

It’s not the fault of the company that designed your car, they provided a ‘premium’ sound system that was able to get you to spend an extra $1000 for $50 worth of extra speakers.

“But there are 19 speakers and 900 Watts of power!”

Let’s break that down: 

  1. 19 speakers?  Where are they?  I’m not doubting they are there, but you only have 2 ears.
  2. Surround sound?  Great for movies, but not car audio.  Have you ever listened to a song and thought, “man, it sounds like the guitarist is right behind me!”?
  3. 900 Watts?  First, find the 75 Amp fuse that protects a 900 Watt amplifier.  Assuming that it is 900W max; at max volume, sending 900 watts to 19 speakers means that each speaker will  receive 47 watts, best case.  With a high-efficiency speaker (90dB) you can only expect 106dB.
Custom Speaker Pods