Advantages of Being A Custom Speaker Pods Dealer/Installer

      • Get More Customers!
        • By offering a low-cost alternative to fully custom doors you can appeal to those who want the custom look and powerful sound on a smaller budget.
      • Sell More Speakers!
        • Most speaker pods hold 2 or more speakers, allowing you to move more product!
      • Sell Bigger Speakers!
        • Speaker Pods typically allow you to install larger speakers than the factory location allows.
      • Sell Higher End Speakers!
        • Speaker pods put speakers on display instead of hiding them behind the door panel.
      • Fast customer Turnaround!
        • Speaker Pods install in minutes.
        • No waiting on fiberglass to cure.
      • Keep Costs down!
        • Less materials in your shop; wood, fiberglass, bondo, etc are no longer needed for door panels.
        • Easy installation does not require extra-skilled labor.
        • Minimal tools required. No table saws, routers or other dangerous equipment needed.
      • Have a Cleaner Shop!
        • No fiberglass, No bondo means NO DUST or HARMFUL FUMES.
Custom Speaker Pods