Single 6.5″ Sundown Audio NeoPro v3 Midrange Speaker 4 Ohm (NeoPro-6.5)




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Sundown NeoPro v3 6.5 – 6.5″ Midrange Speaker

Introducing the Sundown NeoPro v3 6.5″ Midrange Speaker – Sundown Audio’s definitive solution to enhance your mid-bass experience. Tired of the lackluster mid-bass performance produced by traditional “”Pro Sound”” style speakers when fitted in a car door? Sundown Audio has created the perfect solution with the NeoPro series.

Designed specifically for car audio, the NeoPro V3 speakers address the challenge of weak mid-bass usually found with “”club”” or “”DJ”” style speakers. They excel in delivering powerful, smooth, and incredibly high levels of output, transforming your car audio experience.

The latest V3 model has been upgraded with a carbon fiber cone, carefully engineered to increase durability and withstand high SPL setups. This allows your speakers to consistently perform at their best, even under intense audio pressure.

With a robust power handling of 180 Watts RMS, these midrange speakers can deliver crisp, clear, and powerful audio effortlessly. The sensitivity of 92.9 dB coupled with a low frequency range starting at 97 Hz ensures that your audio experience will be characterized by a rich, deep, and accurately produced mid-bass.

The Sundown NeoPro v3 6.5″ Midrange Speakers are designed to integrate seamlessly with Sundown Audio Tweeters and our custom speaker pods. This combination not only ensures optimal performance but also offers an aesthetic upgrade to your vehicle’s interior. Trust in the Sundown NeoPro v3 6.5″ Midrange Speaker to deliver that perfect harmony between strong mid-bass and crisp highs, creating a balanced and engaging sound system in your car.”


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Manufacturer Part Number
4 Ohm
RMS Power Handling
180 Watts
Max Power Handling
93 dB
Min. Frequency
97 Hz
Max. Frequency
Voice Coil Diameter
Trim Diameter
6.850 in.
Mounting Depth
3.000 in.
Magnet Material
Cone Material
Carbon Fiber
Surround Material
Pair or Each

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