Single 6.5″ Sundown Audio LCMR Pro Audio Midrange Speaker 4 Ohm (LCMR-6.5)



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Sundown Audio LCMR-6.5 Midrange SpeakersTransform your vehicle’s audio system with Sundown Audio’s LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers. Engineered with an emphasis on precise, balanced, and potent sound reproduction, these speakers stand as a testament to Sundown Audio’s commitment to superior acoustic quality.The LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers come with a robust ferrite magnet, known for its ability to generate an intense magnetic field. This ensures the speakers reproduce sound faithfully, delivering consistently powerful and detailed audio, even under heavy-duty use.With a power capacity of 100 Watts RMS, these midrange speakers are designed to handle substantial power inputs without distorting the sound quality. This means you can enjoy an immersive audio experience that remains distortion-free, even at higher volumes.Boasting a sensitivity rating of 92dB, the LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers ensure that even the quieter details in your music are clearly audible. Whether it’s the subtle undertones or the vibrant melodies, these speakers guarantee a crystal clear and immersive audio output.The speakers operate in a frequency range of 120 to 6000 Hz, adeptly covering the midrange frequencies. This ensures that the rich and resonant mid-tones in your music are reproduced with impeccable clarity and detail.Integration with Sundown Audio Speakers and Custom Speaker Pods:The LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers perfectly complement other Sundown Audio tweeters, working together to create a well-rounded and complete audio system. Covering the midrange frequencies, they fill in the essential middle ground in your music, bridging the gap between the crisp highs and deep lows.Our custom speaker pods are specifically designed to house your LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers securely and optimally. Made from high-quality materials, these pods enhance the overall acoustic performance of your speakers and reduce unwanted resonances.When paired with Sundown Audio Speakers and housed in our custom speaker pods, the LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers provide an unparalleled audio experience. Together, they create an audio system that brings out the best in your music, covering all the frequencies in spectacular detail.In summary, the Sundown Audio LCMR-6.5 Midrange Speakers, when combined with Sundown Audio Tweeters and installed in our custom speaker pods, offer a comprehensive, high-quality audio solution for your vehicle. Discover the difference with this superior sound ensemble.

RMS Wattage

100 Watts


94 dB

Low Frequency Range

120 Hz

High Frequency Range

6000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



Sundown Audio Products are covered by a 2 year limited warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer.


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