Pair of Sundown ET-R1: 3.5″ Super Tweeters for Supreme Audio



Sundown Audio ET-R1 Tweeters: Upgrade Your Sound Experience

Premium Audio, Unmatched Precision

Dive into an unparalleled audio journey with the Sundown Audio ET-R1 Tweeters. These tweeters, built by sound professionals, unveil every detail in your music. For those who appreciate the subtleties in sound, the ET-R1 represents the pinnacle of acoustic technology.

Neodymium Magnet: The Power Behind The Sound

What powers these dynamic tweeters? A neodymium magnet. Compact yet potent, it drives the ET-R1 to deliver high efficiency, dynamic sound output. This magnet structure ensures precise and robust sound reproduction, transforming your vehicle into an all-enveloping soundstage.

Capacity: Quality Meets Power

These tweeters boast a robust power capacity of 100 Watts RMS. They stand firm, handling substantial power inputs without compromising sound clarity. Expect nothing less than a consistently crisp, clear, and vibrant sound that enhances your music listening experience.

Sensitivity: Hear the Subtle Details

A remarkable sensitivity rating of 100dB sets the ET-R1 Tweeters apart. They ensure you don’t lose the subtlest sounds in your music. Experience an immersive audio journey unlike any other, filled with detailed sounds and nuances.

Frequency Range: From Brightness to Clarity

Operating in a frequency range of 4000 to 20000 Hz, these tweeters reproduce high frequencies with exceptional precision. They convey the brightness and clarity in your music flawlessly.

Integration: The Perfect Trio

Seamless Pairing with Sundown Audio Speakers

Pair your ET-R1 Tweeters seamlessly with Sundown Audio Speakers. Together, they create a comprehensive audio system, covering all frequency ranges. Enjoy a vibrant, balanced, and powerful sound that fills your vehicle.

Custom Speaker Pods: Secure and Resonant

Our custom speaker pods are purpose-built to house your ET-R1 Tweeters securely. Crafted from premium materials, they enhance acoustic quality and keep unwanted resonance at bay.

In combination, the ET-R1 Tweeters, Sundown Audio Speakers, and custom speaker pods form a complete audio solution.  Look at some of our customers’ killer builds on our Instagram Page.

This perfect trio brings your music to life, covering all frequencies with remarkable detail.

In summary, when combined with Sundown Audio Speakers and housed in our custom speaker pods, the Sundown Audio ET-R1 Tweeters deliver a holistic, high-quality audio system. Elevate your in-car audio experience with this dynamic ensemble.

Find the best speaker pod for your vehicle

RMS Wattage

100 Watts


99 dB

Low Frequency Range

4000 Hz

High Frequency Range

20000 Hz

Cutout Diameter



Sundown Audio Products are covered by a 2 year limited warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer.


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