Sundown SA-T: 1″ High-Performance Tweeters (SA-T)



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Sundown Audio SA-T Tweeters: The Ultimate Sound Upgrade

Smooth & Pleasant Sound

Experience sonic bliss with Sundown Audio SA-T Tweeters. Designed using advanced technology, these tweeters deliver unrivaled sound clarity. They feature a high-performance silk dome tweeter, famous for its smooth, balanced response. As a result, you get to enjoy your music in its purest form – clear, authentic, and undistorted.

Compact Powerhouse

The SA-T Tweeters are powered by a neodymium magnet. This rare-earth element is well-known for its superior strength and magnetic field intensity. In turn, this magnet allows these compact tweeters to produce remarkable output, all while taking minimal space in your vehicle.

Impressive Power Handling

Additionally, these tweeters can handle an impressive 100 Watts RMS. This feature ensures they can stand up to high power levels without compromising sound quality. Thus, if you desire powerful, clear, and dynamic sound, these tweeters are your go-to choice.

Harmonious Integration

Complementing Sundown Audio Speakers

Furthermore, Sundown Audio SA-T Tweeters pair seamlessly with Sundown Audio Speakers. When combined, they produce a balanced, rich sound that covers all frequency ranges.

Custom Speaker Pods: Perfect Fit & Enhanced Sound

For the perfect fit of the SA-T Tweeters, we offer custom speaker pods. These pods, made from premium materials, secure the tweeters and enhance the overall sound quality while reducing unwanted vibrations.

Unparalleled Audio Experience

Upon pairing with Sundown Audio Speakers and being housed in our custom speaker pods, the SA-T Tweeters promise a comprehensive audio experience. Together, they create an immersive sound profile, turning every car journey into a musical delight.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Audio Solution

In conclusion, the combination of Sundown Audio SA-T Tweeters, Sundown Audio Speakers, and our custom speaker pods guarantees a superior sound experience. Savor the harmony of this powerful setup as it provides the ultimate audio solution for your vehicle.

RMS Wattage

100 Watts

Cutout Diameter


Magnet Material


Speaker Cone Material

Silk Dome

Speaker Surround Material

Silk Dome


Sundown Audio Products are covered by a 2 year limited warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer.


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