Single 8″ Rogue Car Audio Mid-Range Loudspeaker 160 Watts 4-Ohm (RF8)



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Rogue Car Audio RF8 8″ Midrange SpeakersEnhance the richness and clarity of your in-car sound with the Rogue Car Audio RF8 8″” Midrange Speakers. Expertly crafted for high fidelity audio, these speakers promise an unforgettable auditory experience, making every drive more enjoyable.At the core of the RF8 Midrange Speakers is a high-grade ferrite motor that delivers robust and dependable performance. The strong steel black basket that houses this motor adds durability and ensures your speakers stand the test of time. The Imported Italian paper cone is key to the high-quality sound produced, complementing the overall design and function of the speakers.The RF8 features high-quality push terminals for stable and secure connections, guaranteeing seamless audio output. Its strong Nomex spiders enhance the strength and lifespan of the speaker, while the edge-wound high power voice coils are designed for superior power handling capabilities.Integration with Rogue Car Audio Speakers and Custom Speaker Pods:The RF8 8″ Midrange Speakers integrate perfectly with our custom speaker pods and other Rogue Car Audio speakers. The speakers fit snugly into our speaker pods, creating a unified audio system that produces superb sound quality.Our custom speaker pods, made from high-strength ABS plastic, are specifically designed to accommodate the RF8 Midrange Speakers, thereby providing optimal acoustics. Their easy installation process requires only simple hand tools, eliminating the need for Bondo, fiberglass or excessive elbow grease.When combined, the RF8 Midrange Speakers, Rogue Car Audio tweeters, and our speaker pods produce a dynamic, comprehensive audio system that greatly enhances your in-car entertainment. This combination removes the complexity of choosing compatible components and simplifies your audio upgrade process.Overall, the Rogue Car Audio RF8 8″” Midrange Speakers, together with Rogue Car Audio Speakers and our custom speaker pods, offer an outstanding, complete audio solution. Elevate your in-car audio with this high-performance, easy-to-install system, and turn every drive into an extraordinary auditory experience.

RMS Wattage

160 Watts

Low Frequency Range

70 Hz

High Frequency Range

6000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



Rogue Audio Products are covered by a 1 year limited warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer.


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