PRV Audio TW400Ti-Nd-4 PRO Super Tweeter – Superior Sound



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PRV Audio TW400Ti-Nd-4 PRO Super Tweeter

Experience an audio revolution with the PRV Audio TW400Ti-Nd-4 PRO Super Tweeter. This exceptional super tweeter is engineered with precision to produce detailed high-frequency sound. It’s specifically designed to add an unparalleled depth of richness to your audio experience.

The PRO Super Tweeter boasts impressive power handling of 120 watts RMS and 240 watts peak.  This ensures consistently high-quality audio performance at all volume levels. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or journeying on a long road trip, this super tweeter will fill your vehicle with vibrant and full-bodied sound.

What makes the PRV Audio TW400Ti-Nd-4 PRO Super Tweeter truly stand out is its robust titanium diaphragm paired with a powerful neodymium magnet. This combo not only promises longevity but also contributes to an extended frequency response. The result is a broad dispersion of high frequencies, which makes for a deep, immersive audio experience.

Despite its power, this super tweeter is compact, fitting seamlessly into your vehicle. It’s an ideal choice for any high-performance audio system that demands top-tier sound quality.

Integration with Custom Speaker Pods and PRV Audio Midrange Speakers:

The Custom Speaker Pods, specifically crafted for the PRV Audio TW400Ti-Nd-4 PRO Super Tweeter, are a unique feature to consider. Built from durable ABS plastic, these pods provide a secure environment for the super tweeters. They promote an optimal sound dispersion which is key to creating an immersive sound stage within your vehicle.

Couple this super tweeter with a set of PRV Audio Midrange Speakers, and you’re in for a treat. The synergy between the high-frequency delivery of the super tweeter and the robust, detailed mid-frequency audio from the midrange speakers results in a well-rounded and harmonious sound environment. The sound spectrum, from the punchy bass to intricate mid-tones and vibrant highs, is covered, lifting your audio experience to new levels.

Our custom speaker pods are designed to enhance the performance of both the tweeter and midrange speakers further. They ensure excellent sound projection, augmenting clarity and overall sound quality. What’s more, the installation process is straightforward and simple, requiring just a few basic hand tools. The end result is an upgraded, high-performance audio system that captivates with its superior sound quality.  Find your vehicle from our wide selection of available Custom Speaker Pods.

In conclusion, the combination of the PRV Audio TW400Ti-Nd-4 PRO Super Tweeter, PRV Audio Midrange Speakers, and our custom speaker pods offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your audio experience. This trio of components represents the perfect blend of technological innovation, superior build quality, and powerful sound, guaranteeing a truly unique and superior audio environment for your vehicle. Delight in the immersive, rich, and dynamic sound that this outstanding combination brings to your car’s audio system. Revel in the enhanced depth, clarity, and fidelity of your music like never before.  Look at some of our customers’ wild builds on our Instagram Page.

RMS Wattage

120 Watts

Max Wattage

240 Watts


106 dB

Low Frequency Range

4500 Hz

High Frequency Range

20000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



PRV Audio warrants that all new Speakers, Tweeters, Compression Drivers and repair kits are free from any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship under normal usage for a period not to exceed (1) year from the original purchase date.

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