Pair of ZXI 3.5″ DS18 Full-Range Speakers with Kevlar Cone 120 Watts 4-Ohm (ZXI-354)



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DS18 ZXI-354 3.5″ Midrange SpeakerElevate your audio experience with the DS18 ZXI-354 3.5″ Midrange Speaker. Expertly designed to deliver robust and detailed mid-frequency sounds, this speaker adds depth and richness to your music. Despite its compact size, it packs a punch with a capacity to handle a significant power range, ensuring quality sound across various volume levels.The DS18 ZXI-354 midrange speaker features a powerful ferrite magnet and a lightweight yet robust cone with rubber surround, offering superior sound reproduction. Its unique design provides a broad dispersion of sound frequencies, creating an all-encompassing and immersive audio experience.Creating a 3-Way System with Custom Speaker Pods and Matching DS18 Components:The DS18 ZXI-354 3.5″ Midrange Speaker, when paired with additional DS18 speaker and tweeter components, enables you to build a powerful 3-way audio system. A 3-way setup is designed to allocate bass to the woofers, midrange frequencies to the 3.5″ drivers (like the DS18 ZXI-354), and high frequencies to the tweeters. This configuration delivers a complete and harmonious sound profile, enhancing your audio experience.At Custom Speaker Pods, we provide a unique solution that facilitates the installation of a 3-way system in a variety of vehicles. Our 3-way speaker pods, built from high-strength ABS plastic, are specifically designed to accommodate your DS18 components securely. They create an optimal acoustic environment that enhances the sound delivery of your system.The compact size of the DS18 ZXI-354 is a perfect fit for our custom speaker pods, offering an ideal positioning and orientation for maximum sound output. When complemented with DS18 woofers and tweeters, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive and balanced sound profile.Our installation process is simple, requiring only basic hand tools, eliminating the need for fiberglass, bondo, or chemicals. This user-friendly approach allows any car owner to upgrade their vehicle’s audio system to a professional-grade 3-way setup with ease.To summarize, the DS18 ZXI-354 3.5″ Midrange Speaker, when combined with matching DS18 components and our custom 3-way speaker pods, delivers an unrivaled audio experience. Dive into the depth, detail, and power of a 3-way audio system perfectly tailored to your vehicle.

RMS Wattage

40 Watts

Max Wattage

120 Watts


86 dB

Low Frequency Range

120 Hz

High Frequency Range

20000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material

Glass fiber

Speaker Surround Material



DS18 provides consumers with a 2-year limited warranty on any item purchased directly from DS18's official site or any approved DS18 shop for the original purchaser. DS18's 2 Year Limited Warranty protects against flaws in the initial production of their purchased good(s).


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