Pair of DS18 2-Way Passive Crossover (PRO-CFX)




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All speaker pods and grilles are sold as a pair (driver and passenger side).  Quantity 1 is all you need.

Product Description:

DS18 Pro-CFX 2-Way Passive Crossover

Experience a new level of audio precision and consistency with the DS18 Pro-CFX 2-Way Passive Crossover. This remarkable audio device is expertly designed to provide a flawless distribution of sound frequencies to your speakers, ensuring a balanced and harmonious audio experience.

The DS18 Pro-CFX Crossover is designed to segregate your music into the low and high frequencies, directing them to the most suitable components in your audio system. This crucial functionality ensures that your subwoofers and tweeters perform to their maximum potential, delivering deep bass and crisp high notes as they were intended.

One of the key advantages of the DS18 Pro-CFX Crossover is its passive design. This means that it requires no additional power to function, thereby reducing the complexity of your audio system setup and ensuring seamless integration.

Product Highlights:

High Precision Sound: The DS18 Pro-CFX Crossover enhances your audio experience by optimally directing low and high frequencies to the right components, allowing each part of your audio system to perform its best.

Easy Integration: Being a passive crossover, the Pro-CFX requires no additional power, simplifying your audio system setup and enabling easy integration with existing components.

Durable Construction: Like all DS18 products, the Pro-CFX Crossover is built to last. It features a robust design that can handle the demands of any audio system.

The DS18 Pro-CFX 2-Way Passive Crossover is a versatile addition to your car’s audio system, easily integrating with various DS18 Midrange Speakers, Tweeters, and our custom speaker pods. Whether you’re building a new audio system or upgrading an existing one, the DS18 Pro-CFX is a component that will significantly enhance your audio experience.

Custom Speaker Pods now available in a plethora of premium finishes!  Same quality materials and durability that you come to expect, but with less steps to installation perfection.  These finishes are not a coating, not a paint or hydro-dip.  The finishes are part of the plastic, designed for  exterior use and are UV resistant for a durable, long-lasting product.

Carbon Fiber

A deep, realistic carbon fiber finish sure to impress.

Clear Chrome

An intense reflective finish that hides a secret. This material is translucent and can be back-lit with your favorite lighting solution.

Brushed Stainless

A sexy metallic finish to house your speakers. With a shiny, brushed finish it will make your installation pop.

Black Stainless

A dark twist on stainless steel. Reflective, metallic finish with a hint of iridescence in the sunlight.


A simple, yet refined finish. Platinum is a silvery, paint-like texture with a matte finish.

Our most cost effective installation solution.  Standard finishes are strong, durable and paintable with most off-the-shelf spray paints and automotive interior dyes.

Textured Black

Our OG speaker pod finish. Deep black with a glossy, gentle texture. Install it as-is, or use it as a base to paint darker colors.

Smooth Black

A smooth twist on our classic. This non-textured, paintable finish is a great way to have a color-matched installation.

Leather Textured Black

A rich leather textured finish to more closely match premium interior finishes. Paint it to match your vehicle interior for a clean look.

Textured White

A lighter take on our OG finish. A gentle texture combined with white material is a great background for color matching lighter colors.

Smooth White

An icy smooth finish, perfect for those with lighter interiors. Use it as-is, or paint it to go with your theme.
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