Pair of 1″ DS18 Vc Aluminum Silk Dome Tweeter 100 Watts (TW2.5)



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DS18 TW-2.5 TweetersWelcome the DS18 TW-2.5 Tweeters, a perfect blend of refined design and sonic excellence. These tweeters are expertly engineered to bring high-frequency audio to life.One of the key features of the TW-2.5 tweeters is the use of an aluminum housing. This type of housing provides a solid, stable base that aids in producing clear and precise sound. Pair that with a silky smooth Silk Dome tweeter, and you have a formula for high frequencies that are detailed, rich, and distortion-free.With a power handling capacity of 50 Watts RMS, these tweeters deliver consistent, high-quality sound across the power spectrum, always maintaining their sonic integrity. Their sensitivity rating of 93.5dB ensures that they respond efficiently to power, turning it into beautiful sound.The DS18 TW-2.5 Tweeters exhibit a frequency range of 1800 to 20000 Hz, enabling them to reproduce high-frequency notes with clarity and detail. This range allows these tweeters to breathe life into your favorite tunes, accentuating every high-frequency nuance.One of the strongest aspects of the TW-2.5 tweeters is their compatibility. They seamlessly integrate with DS18 Midrange Speakers and our range of custom speaker pods to create a fully-rounded audio system. Their compact design enables them to fit into various custom speaker pods, promising a hassle-free installation process.To sum it up, the DS18 TW-2.5 Tweeters offer a high-performance audio solution that enriches your listening experience with clear, crisp highs. Their seamless integration, excellent performance, and durable construction make them an excellent addition to your vehicle’s sound system.

RMS Wattage

50 Watts

Max Wattage

100 Watts


94 dB

Low Frequency Range

1800 Hz

High Frequency Range

20000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



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