6.5″ Mid-Range Loudspeaker with Water Resistant Cone Built-in Bullet Tweeter and Grill 450 Watts 4-Ohm (PRO-ZT6)



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DS18 PRO-ZT6 6.5″ Water Resistant Mid-Range Loudspeaker with Built-in Bullet TweeterStep up your audio game with the DS18 PRO-ZT6 6.5″ Water Resistant Mid-Range Loudspeaker. This powerful speaker combines mid-range audio performance and high-frequency clarity with a built-in bullet tweeter, making it a versatile addition to any car audio system. With a power handling of 450 watts peak and 225 watts RMS, the DS18 PRO-ZT6 ensures crystal clear, powerful sound at all volume levels.The DS18 PRO-ZT6 features a water-resistant design, making it a durable choice for all weather conditions. Its sleek black cone, constructed with a high-strength Ferrite magnet, and its 1.5″” voice coil provide high-quality sound reproduction. The built-in bullet tweeter enhances the overall sound experience by delivering bright and clear high frequencies.Integration with Custom Speaker Pods:The DS18 PRO-ZT6 speakers are a perfect match for our Custom Speaker Pods. The speaker pods are designed to house these 6.5″ speakers, creating a secure and ideal environment for their unique combined midrange and tweeter capabilities. The high-strength ABS plastic of our speaker pods offers robust protection for your DS18 speakers, ensuring they remain securely positioned for optimal sound delivery.Our speaker pods further enhance the sound quality of the DS18 PRO-ZT6. The enclosed design promotes better sound clarity and projection, ensuring a rich audio experience. The installation process is simple, requiring only basic hand tools, which makes it easy for you to upgrade your car’s audio system at your convenience.Pair the DS18 PRO-ZT6 speakers with our custom speaker pods and enjoy an unrivaled audio performance. Experience the full spectrum of sound, from crisp mid-range tones to clear high frequencies, all enveloped in the precise acoustics of our speaker pods. With this combination, your vehicle becomes a mobile audio haven, delivering a sound experience that’s as close to live as it gets. Embrace the future of car audio with the DS18 PRO-ZT6 speakers and our custom speaker pods, where superior quality meets outstanding performance.”

RMS Wattage

225 Watts

Max Wattage

450 Watts


96 dB

Low Frequency Range

65 Hz

High Frequency Range

22000 Hz

Cutout Diameter


Speaker Cone Material


Speaker Surround Material



DS18 provides consumers with a 2-year limited warranty on any item purchased directly from DS18's official site or any approved DS18 shop for the original purchaser. DS18's 2 Year Limited Warranty protects against flaws in the initial production of their purchased good(s).


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