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Unmatched Compact Full-Range Amplifier for Your Car (QS3000 1-Ohm)

SKU: AP-PV-BR-1C-3K-04-15-BK


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RMS Watts @ 4ohm
0 Watts
RMS Watts @ 2ohm
2100 Watts
Amplifier Class
Class D
Power Wire Input Size
Length (in)
Width (in)
Height (in)
Manufacturer Part Number

Unleash the Beast with QS3000 1-Ohm

Get ready to transform your driving experience with the Compact Full-Range Amplifier, QS3000 1?. This power-packed amplifier boasts a true RMS of 3000 watts, ensuring a powerful sound that vibrates through your entire vehicle. Not only is the sound fierce, but the efficiency rate of 80-90% makes it a total game-changer.

Small But Mighty

Don’t be fooled by its size. The QS3000 comes in a small aluminum heatsink but delivers immense power. Its compact chassis (8.66″ W x 7.30″ L x 3.00″ H) allows for easy installation anywhere in the vehicle. Moreover, the four-way protection circuitry, including high voltage, low voltage, shortage, and current protection, ensures reliability.

Versatility at Its Finest

The QS3000’s wide frequency response is what makes it so versatile. You can use it for subwoofers, midbass, midrange, full-range speakers, phenolic drivers, titanium drivers, and even super tweeters. This amplifier is genuinely an all-in-one solution for any car audio system.

Tailor-Made Sounds

With built-in HIGH and LOW pass filters, you can set the perfect frequency range for your equipment, from deep bass to high frequencies. Customization has never been this easy. Also, check out how seamlessly this amplifier integrates into your car’s interior with Custom Speaker Pods.

Keep Your Cool

The QS3000 features a proprietary heat dissipation design, ensuring high airflow cooling fans keep its temperature in check during the most demanding playlists.

Stay In The Know

The built-in LED indicator is a simple tool that allows you to monitor the status of your amplifier easily. You will know exactly when you’re hitting the max power output without distortion.

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Why Choose QS3000 1-Ohm

The answer is simple – for its unrivaled power, compact design, versatility, and efficiency. This Compact Full-Range Amplifier is everything your car’s audio system has been begging for.


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