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Black with Leather Textured Finish – Pillar

SKU: PL0003-P


All speaker pods and grilles are sold as a pair (driver and passenger side).  Quantity 1 is all you need.



Elevate the look of your Custom Speaker Pods with our Black with Leather Textured Finish made of Durable ABS Plastic!  Paint them to match your interior with a plastic compatible paint or leave them the way they are.

Easy to Match

Not only are our Custom Speaker Pods easy to install, but now we make it easy to match your cars interior.  Paint them to match your interior with a plastic compatible paint or leave them the way they are, either way, they are sure to look great!

Superior Quality

This finish isn’t just for show.   It offers incredible toughness in addition to resistance to UV, mold, and mildew.  This durable ABS plastic, known for its rigidity, hardness, and heat resistance, ensures your Custom Speaker Pods will withstand a beating from your speakers. Check out more of our finishes on our Instagram page.

Tough and Heat Resistant

ABS plastic is not just tough; it’s also resistant to heat and cold, performing well under a wide temperature range.   From Florida to Alaska and from Cali to Maine, we guarantee our Custom Speaker Pods will resist any temperature you can throw at them.  Our array of Custom Speaker Pods are easy to install and integrate seamlessly into your vehicle’s design.

High Chemical Resistance

Our Black with Leather Textured Finish is not just resistant to heat, cold, and impact; it also has a high resistance to chemicals, making it versatile and usable in various conditions.  No need to worry about cleaners and coatings having an adverse effect on this material.

Attractively Designed

Its high-impact resistance in combination with a hardcell-textured surface makes this Black with Leather Textured Finish an ideal choice for those in need of a killer set of Custom Speaker Pods.


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