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Upgrade your audio experience with our “Sky High Car Audio OFC 14-Gauge Speaker Wire”. This remarkable OFC 14 Gauge Speaker Wire is perfect for every audiophile.

Sky High Quality

Sky High Car Audio OFC 14-Gauge Speaker Wire isn’t just another cable; it’s the integration of top-notch materials and technology. The oxygen-free copper and high-grade PVC, SHCA Speaker Wire provides a product that doesn’t compromise on quality. But it doesn’t end there; this wire is designed with a twisted pair configuration to reject electrical noise for enhanced signal transfer. To follow us for more updates, check out our Instagram page.

Easy Installation

Struggling with speaker wire installation? Not anymore. Our “Sky High Car Audio Speaker Wire” makes the process smooth and easy. The PVC clad oxygen free copper wire has distinct colors for positive and negative, eliminating confusion and accelerating your installation process. Furthermore, with its superior flexibility, it endures bending and flexing without metal fatigue, a common issue with standard cables.

Unmatched Compatibility

Designed for excellent compatibility, this wire is the perfect solution for connecting your speakers and subwoofers. This flexible wire is easily routed under your door sills, through your vehicles door frame, through your vehicles door wire harness boot, and finally into your vehicles door.  Finally, once within your vehicles door you can then connect the wire to your speakers within your Custom Speaker Pods using the Custom Speaker Pods original 12-awg wire connector (sold separately).

Resistance Loss

Whether it’s the short wire runs to your rear door speaker pods or longer runs to your front door or a-pillar pods, this oversized 14-gauge wire provides optimal current flow throughout your system.  As a result, there will be no need to worry about your wires resistance loss with this high quality heavy gauge speaker wire.

Embrace the Sky High Car Audio OFC 14-Gauge Speaker Wire for an elevated audio experience today!

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