Sky High Car Audio OFC 1/0-Gauge Power Wire



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Sky High Car Audio Power Wire: Unleash Supreme Sound

Get ready to redefine your audio experience with the industry-leading Sky High Car Audio OFC 1/0-Gauge Power Wire. Designed to meet high power demands, this wire ensures superior quality for your vehicle’s audio system.

Top-tier Quality Meets Affordable Pricing

With the Sky High Car Audio Power Wire, you’re getting a combination of the best materials: oxygen-free copper (OFC) and premium-grade PVC. The OFC copper used within this wire is free of the common impurities that tend to increase resistance.  Resistance is bad as it causes heat buildup and signal loss. Moreover, the top-quality PVC provides a smooth defect free outer jacket, preventing power wire shorts and snags. In addition, take a look at how perfect the copper core is centered within this wire.  You won’t find this feature in many of the competitors wire.  This feature enhances compression resistance in addition to also lessening the potential for power faults. Check out our Instagram page for more captivating products.

Effortless Installation

Our Sky High Car Audio Power Wire, a true 1/0-gauge wire, guarantees an effortless installation. The low friction outer jacket and ultra-flexible inner copper core work hand in hand to make your job a breeze. The outer PVC jacket is smooth, reducing installation snags. Additionally, the unique inner copper core offers unmatched flexibility due to its small, fine copper strands, found in only the best power wire.

Installation Advice

A wire’s performance hinges on its connection. Hence, we recommend using suitable wire ferrules and wire lugs to secure a prime connection with the battery, frame, distribution block, or fuse block. Remember, you can find these items under Install Accessories on the Custom Speaker Pods website. In addition, we provide speakers, speaker kits, amplifiers, and Custom Speaker Pods to complete your audio system.

Performance Enhancement

Regardless of where you use this wire in your build, our OFC 1/0-gauge power wire is sure to boost performance. Trust the Sky High Car Audio Power Wire name to optimize your audio setup’s performance.

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