99-06 Chevy FST Dual 6.5" Front Pods

99-06 Chevy FST Dual 6.5" Front Pods
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  • Item #: GM-01-01-01-B
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Price $124.99

Easily install Dual 6.5" Woofers onto the front door of your Truck.  Mounts over the factory grille opening (grille must be removed).  Attaches to the door panel using screws (holes must be drilled into the door panel) and push nuts (posts fit through some of the grille slots, the slots must be opened to allow the posts to fit).

Hardware included.  Pods are made from 1/8" ABS.  EMERGENCY BRAKE PEDAL MAY NEED TO BE BENT TO CLEAR SPEAKERS!

Prices are for the Set (LH and RH).